Guess Who’s Back, Back Again!

Sean Taylor.  Michael Irvin.  Clinton Portis.  Ed Reed.  Ray Lewis.  Jonathan Vilma.  Jeremy Shockey.  Greg Olsen (Maybe you know him more for being a member of the rap-group, 7th Floor Crew; if you don’t know what that is look it up, scratch that, don’t).  These are just a few big names that suited up with the infamous green-orange “U” featured on their helmets.  Miami Hurricane Football has always been nothing short of legendary with a unrelenting combination of swagger and talent that led to 5 National Championships in a span of just 18 years, they were on top of the world and, as James Franco said in The Interview, were hated simply because “they anus”.  It seemed as if the once nicknamed  “Convicts” had fallen into a deep pit of losing despair, finishing with 3 or more losses every season since 2004 as they completely fell off the College Football Map.  That was until last night.  Against none other than the very team that they received the “Convict” nickname from, the Miami Hurricanes reasserted dominance with a 41-8 rout of a very talented Notre Dame team.  It has been an exceptional season for a group normally hidden under the shadow of Florida State as they have been able to bring back a victorious aura that hasn’t been around for a very long time.  Just look at the scene on Saturday night as thousands gathered near Hard Rock Stadium wearing knockoff Turnover Chains or and carrying signs bashing Rudy as they awaited the team buses several hours before the game.  It was the first time in nearly 15 years where Miami was playing in a matchup against a rival that mattered for more than just bragging rights and it showed as the legends of championships past showed up to see the coming out party of a new age.  Before the game, Notre Dame defensive coordinator, Mike Elko, told his players that they can have the chain because the Fighting Irish will get the rings, a word choice that has come back to haunt the team in hours after the biggest game of the week.  4 appearances of the turnover chain later, a symbol that has recently become the epitome the dominant performances put on by the Hurricane defense every single week, and the U was back to their swagger-filled, winning ways that opposing fans love to hate.  Led by an exceptional front seven, Miami has been able to destroy most of their opponents en route to becoming a formidable competitor for top teams like Alabama and Clemson.  The Canes final (and only) ranked opponent in their last three games is against a tough Clemson group and I would look for them to prove themselves as a true playoff contender, cementing their place in the top-four.  Now undefeated and ranked second in the country, the Miami Hurricanes have the chance to become National Champions and bring glory back to the U.  So, guess who’s back, back again!

Eian Carbone

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