2018 NFL Draft Big Board: Quarterback Rankings

The NFL Draft is an exciting time for teams around the league as they await the chance to select a potential game-change from colleges around the country.  General managers and coaches are under constant pressure to put together the puzzle that is their franchise; Whether your favorite team is searching for that first piece to build around or the one to finish it, the 2018 NFL Draft is where they will be faced with make-or-break decisions.  Although the draft is nearly 173 days away, it is never too early too start discussing which college football players are going to be future NFL stars.  One of the most important parts of creating a winning team starts with the man that takes snaps on offense: the quarterback.  We see it every year, teams with all of the talent in the world float below .500 because they can’t find a competent quarterback (see this year’s Denver Broncos), while a team like the Philadelphia Eagles have become one of the best because of the play of an elite QB in Carson Wentz.  It’s that simple, without an above average quarterback it is near impossible to have prolonged success making it that much more important to grab one on Draft Day.  With teams like the New York Jets, New York Giants, and Cleveland Browns looking for a quarterback that can lead them to victory, there is no doubt that there will be a couple selected in the Top 20 of this year’s draft.  That being said, where does this year’s quarterback crop rank?



1 Josh Rosen UCLA
2 Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State
3 Sam Darnold USC
4 Baker Mayfield Oklahoma
5 Josh Allen Wyoming
6 Luke Falk Washington State
7 Lamar Jackson Louisville
8 J.T. Barrett Ohio State
9 Ryan Finley N.C. State
10 Jarrett Stidham Auburn


  • If you have read any of my other articles on college football, then you know I am not a huge fan of Sam Darnold.  Darnold has been way too inconsistent this season to still consider him the greatest quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck, a moniker tossed around before the season began.  Some of the things that Darnold has said haven’t helped his cause with me, especially the report that he will reconsider joining the draft depending who is at the top of the order. Overall, it has been a very underwhelming, roller-coaster ride season for the USC star.
  • I have really fallen in love with the games’ of Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen thus far as both have impressed week-in-and-week-out.  Mayfield is coming off a weekend in which he threw for nearly 600 yards and 5 touchdowns, if he keeps this up his draft stock will definitely rise.  My general feeling with his NFL projections is a ceiling of a Russell Wilson-type player and a floor that looks similar to the career of Johnny Manziel, which may be too much of a risk for front offices’ to look at him as a 1st-rounder.  On the other hand, the more I watch Josh Rosen, the more excited I get with the possibility of him becoming a New York Jet.  Rosen’s arm and pocket presence are two of his greatest weapons and will translate very well on the NFL.  A lot of people have a problem with his attitude/vocalness and reports that he isn’t liked by teammates, but I think when you have the opportunity to take a guy with his talent level, GMs will be put that aside.
  • Lamar Jackson may continue the trend of quarterbacks that rely on athleticism being either forced out of the league or to switch positions.  While I do love watching the former Heisman-winner, I don’t know if he has the accuracy to be successful in the NFL.  Jackson has Madden Create A Player-like stats that almost guarantee a selection in the first round, but there are a couple of issues in his game that he may not be able to hide with his solely his athletic ability once he starts playing on Sundays.
  • Josh Allen hasn’t had the season anybody expected him to and a lot of people are starting to jump off the Allen Bandwagon.  The Wyoming-star looked exceptional running and gunning his way towards nation-wide recognition in his freshman season, but nobody is as excited with him this year due to the talent, or lack of, around him.  Look for his draft to rise exponentially during draft workouts.
  • J.T. Barrett is my big sleeper at the quarterback position for this year’s draft and has boom-or-bust potential for a team that may take a late-flier on him.
Eian Carbone

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