NFL Power Rankings Week 9

NFL Power Rankings Week 9: November is here.

This season is taking a fun turn.  A fun, obnoxious and quite frankly sorta upsetting turn.

  1. Eagles (8-1) — | Previous Rank: 1
    Dropped 51 on a Denver defense that less than a month ago was viewed as having their Super Bowl mojo again.   Oh and they added Jay Ajayi.  Next: Bye.
  2. Steelers (6-2) +1 | Previous Rank: 3
    Big Ben has yet to have an explosive game (only one 300+ yard game, threw 5 ints anyways) but his inevitable reduction to what we refer to as “game manager”  might not be the worst idea if AB / Leveon continue to produce and if Juju continues to make the most out of his opportunities.  Colts give them a good chance to go 7-2. Next: @Indianapolis
  3. Rams (6-2) +4 | Previous Rank: 7
    Goff has suddenly gone from liability to consistent thrower.  His 2,030 / 13 / 4 line with 60.2% completion percentage is night and day compared to what we saw out of him last season.  McVay’s uptempo offense has already produced more points through 8 games then Fisher’s staff did all of last season.  Most surprising, we’re all disappointed that we’re gonna miss out on a Goff / Watson showdown.  Next: Houston
  4. Vikings (6-2) | Previous Rank: 4
    The more they win, the more confusing their offense gets.  Now we have a Teddy Bridgewater sighting and Bradford got sent to the IR.  Next: @Washington
  5. Patriots (6-2) +1 | Previous Rank: 6
    A once tantalizing Sunday nighter vs Denver now has people hoping theres more fog so we can get that sick camera angle so we can feeeel like we’re also sacking Osweiler for the 5th time.  Next: @Denver
  6. Chiefs (6-3) -4 | Previous Rank: 2
    Have gone from unbeaten to having lost 3 of 4 and *gasp* Alex Smith threw his first interception.  That halftime touchdown was pretty dope though. Next: Bye
  7. Saints (6-2) +1 | Previous Rank: 4
    Through 9 weeks New Orleans has a top 10 passing offense (6th; no surprise) and a top 10 rushing offense (9th; wtf?).  A huge surprise especially after those weird few weeks with AP.  Next:  @Buffalo
  8. Panthers (6-3) +1 | Previous Rank: 9
    Cam continues his weird season with a solid performance in a very important NFC South match vs Atlanta, and even more surprising then the Saints, the Panthers also find themselves in the top 10 rushing wise through 9 weeks (thanks to Cam).  Next: Miami
  9. Cowboys (5-3) +3 | Previous Rank: 12
    Big win vs the Chiefs in what is going to be *Zeke’s last game for the season.

    *Maybe.  Next: @Atlanta

  10. Jaguars (5-3) +1 | Previous Rank: 11
    Jalen Ramsey entering his name his name into the great tradition of AFC Corners that fight a big name WR.  Next: LAChargers
  11. Bills (5-3) -6 | Previous Rank: 5
    “Losing to the Jets” isn’t as big an insult as it would’ve been a few weeks ago.  Next: New Orleans
  12. Titans (5-3) +3 | Previous Rank: 15
    Adoree needs more carries.  Next: Cincinnati
  13. Lions (4-4) +1 | Previous Rank: 14
    Could make some headway with Cleveland + Chicago heading into their bye.  Next: Cleveland
  14. Redskins (4-4) +3 | Previous Rank: 17
    Game winning drive on the road in Seattle has San Francisco the Toronto Arognauts salivating. Next: Minnesota
  15. Seahawks (5-3) -5 | Previous Rank: 10
    Wilson is playing out of his mind while the defense falters probably has him thinking of this a little bit more.  Next: @Arizona
  16. Jets (4-5) +4 | Previous Rank: 20
    Thank you for producing the best hashtag all season.  Next: @TampaBay
  17. Falcons (4-4) -4 | Previous Rank: 13
    How weird was Julio Jones’ wide open drop? Next: Dallas
  18. Raiders (4-5) +8 | Previous Rank: 26
    Marshall Newhouse should be all of America’s new favorite player. Next:  Bye
  19. Chargers (4-5) -1 | Previous Rank: 18
    Don’t forget about the free tacos. Next: @Jacksonville
  20. Bears (3-5) | Previous Rank: 20
    For the first time in 9 years Chicago is favored over Green Bay.  Next: GreenBay
  21. Ravens (4-5) -2 | Previous Rank: 19
    Most frustrating RB situation… for fantasy owners.  Next: Bye
  22. Cardinals (4-4) +5 | Previous Rank: 27
    AP + Stanton = the future.  Next: Seattle
  23. Texans (3-4) -5 | Previous Rank: 18
    Still some hope with the surrounding cast intact, but they’re going to need more from Savage if the defense can’t hold it together.  Next: @LARams
  24. Bengals (3-5) -2 | Previous Rank: 22
    AJ, Dalton and Marvin Lewis are going to retire together in 10 years alternating between 10-6 & 6-10 seasons.  Next: @Tennessee
  25. Dolphins (4-4) -3 | Previous Rank: 22
    Cutler put up 300 yards without an interception yet somehow their last game still felt like his fault.  Next: @Carolina
  26. Broncos (3-5) -3 | Previous Rank: 23
    Allowed 51 to the best young QB and are about to go up against the best QB.  Wear the ugly brown and yellows to distract everyone.  Next: NewEngland
  27. Colts (3-6) +3 | Previous Rank: 30
    Jacoby to Hilton = the future.  Next: Pittsburgh
  28. Packers (4-4) -3 | Previous Rank: 25
    UCLA’s alumni network has hooked up their guys with some sweet gigs but sadly its rough out in the real world.  Next:  @Chicago
  29. Bucs (2-6) -2 | Previous Rank: 27
    Winston ate his hand and then got shut down.  Next: NYJets
  30. 49ers (0-9) +1 | Previous Rank: 30
    It might be Jimmy time.  Next:  NYGiants
  31. Giants (1-8) -1 | Previous Rank: 30
    Two word. Ben. McAdoo. Next: @SanFranciso
  32. Browns (0-9) | Previous Rank: 32
    I found an old sports almanac from 2007 and the Browns pages made me laugh and remember old times.  Next: @Detroit

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